A very scratchy sound…..

It was just another normal and FUN morning here in Senior Infants …that is …..until…..a very scratchy sound began to echo down the halls of Whitechurch National school. It didn’t take long for the inquisitive ears of Senior infants to perk up just in time to catch this scratchy sort of sound. “Did you hear […]

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A Very Nosey Robin….

Woweezers maltesers, did you know that even though we haven’t been in school we have been very busy at home? Ms.Barry has been sending Paddy the Robin to check in on us(well she can’t really stop him as he is EXTREMELY NOSEY). Look at him here being very nosey altogether, looking over the fence: Ms.Barry […]

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FUNWORK 16th-20th of March

Hello Senior Infants Can we show our Mums, Dads, Caregivers how we do our morning scan? Don’t forget to do your scan every morning to see how you are feeling. Let’s try to learn some of Our Father the Lord’s Prayer and do a little bit every day this week: Our Father, Who art in […]

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Backstage in Senior Infants…

Shhh……come on in and have a sneaky peek behind the curtain to see just what has been going on in Senior Infants this week….. You might want to grab some popcorn because boy do we have a feast of talent in store for you. So sit back and relax…and remember enjoy! Introducing the talented duo, […]

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