A very scratchy sound…..

It was just another normal and FUN morning here in Senior Infants …that is …..until…..a very scratchy sound began to echo down the halls of Whitechurch National school. It didn’t take long for the inquisitive ears of Senior infants to perk up just in time to catch this scratchy sort of sound. “Did you hear […]

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Backstage in Senior Infants…

Shhh……come on in and have a sneaky peek behind the curtain to see just what has been going on in Senior Infants this week….. You might want to grab some popcorn because boy do we have a feast of talent in store for you. So sit back and relax…and remember enjoy! Introducing the talented duo, […]

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The Littlest hum….

(Based on true events) In the furthest corner of the busiest classroom in the whole of Dublin, lived the littlest hum that you ever did hear. So quiet was the littlest hum, that no-one had ever heard it before. But on this particular day, the littlest hum decided that it was tired of not being […]

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What a Holly Jolly Christmas….

Wow what a fun, fun, FUN time we had this Christmas. Ms. Barry said it is possibly the best Christmas singing she has ever heard. We even got a card from Santa through our secret letter box telling us how much he LOVED our singing after we performed in Assembly in front of the whole school…. […]

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Challenge Accepted

We were BURSTING to show our Rocky style ‘Splat’ challenge with Second class. With great determination, concentration, support, intelligence and perseverance ( okay okay…..you get the idea) Senior Infants have splatted their way to victory beating 2nd Class in our Gaeilge challenge.   Ms. Barry is very proud of us all but is even prouder […]

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