Exploring the Explorium by Senior Infants


A great big hello from the tippy top of the white double decker bus. We are on our way to the Explorisomething…what is it called again Ms. Barry? Oh yes, the Explorium that’s it! We are so excited that we cannot stop yelling at everything ‘LOOK AT THE TREE, LOOK AT THE BRIDGE, LOOK AT THE …WEEEEEEHEEE’.


Oh My GOSH we have arrived. Science is really really cooooool! Look at us, on the climbing wall, hanging off the exercise bar, making our way through the tunnels. Did you see us coming down the slide in a rubber tyre..we were super fast.


Don’t miss our performance on the little stage, we even have costumes. We are going to head off now to build things, or play shopkeeper… maybe partake in some Art over there…we will be right back.


Annnd we are back on the bus, hello again! Did you know we are going to MARLEY PARK? Even though we all go here most weekends, we cannot help shouting ‘MARLEY PARK’, we’re here it’s MARLEY PARK, look Ms. Barry it’s MARLEY PARK. We don’t think Ms. Barry can hear us so we might just shout a bit louder MARLEY PARK!


That was soooo much fun. The BEST news is that we get to go on the bus one more time to bring us back to school.

Ms. Barry says we will sleep tonight..but we sleep every night so we don’t really know what she means! Silly Ms. Barry!!


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